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Colour matching and concrete technological analysis

Most colour matches can be created with the extensive range of standard colours we are already offering. But sometimes, customer require a special blend. Therefore, we reproduce or design unique colours. Having a sample or being advised with the closest colour tone using standard colour codes like RAL or PANTONE®, is the most accurate way to match or design a specific colour. Once our technical experts have designed or reproduced the desired colour, our customers receive a sample of coloured concrete.


The colouring of the concrete depends on various concrete technological factors. Not only the colour of the selected pigment or the colour of the selected liquid colour affects the resulting colour, but also parameters like cement, aggregates, water/cement ratio and dosing amounts have a high impact.


Therefore, the selected colour should be tested considering these crucial concrete technological parameters. As they vary from customer to customer, we recommend a concrete technological analysis in advance.


Our experienced concrete technologists produce coloured concrete samples considering these crucial parameters. By using the actual starting materials, i.e. customer‘s concrete mix, for designing and testing, we limit and preclude the risk of any colour deviations.


Once the colour is selected, colouring should be tested in the field.
For readymix / precast concrete, our technical service team may create a testing area at customer’s site - serving all concerned people as an example for the subsequent project realisation.

For manufactured concrete products,  we recommend testing during production.



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