Surface Protection, Impregnations, Hydrophobic Agents, UV-Coating Systems, Primer and Top Coat
Surface Protection, Impregnations, Hydrophobic Agents, UV-Coating Systems, Primer and Top Coat


Film forming impregnation for the dry and wet side of concrete production

Item No. 2903


PROTECT N 5300 is a highly effective film-forming impregnation especially designed for upgrading the visual appearance of bright coloured concrete surfaces (e.g. white, beige, yellow etc.) in the manufactured concrete product industry.

The solvent-free product provides a colour-deepening finishing and gives concrete surfaces a satin shining appearance (silk matt).

PROTECT N 5300 is a sustainable protection tool which reduces the absorption of water and therein dissolved and dirt particles. Defects like efflorescence or frost damages are significantly reduced thereby. Contaminations by oil, food, beverages and environmental conditions are greatly reduced and can be easily removed thanks to the impregnation’s “easy-to-clean” effect.

PROTECT N 5300 allows preserving the colour shade of concrete for a long time and decelerates the natural weathering processes. As a consequence, the impregnations enhance concrete’s durability significantly.

PROTECT N 5300 is applied either on the dry or the wet site of production and suitable for all mechanically processed or finished concrete surfaces.


PROTECT N 5300 seals the pores on the concrete surface and forms a protective finishing - known as lotus effect - which drips off liquids and the therein solved particles, preventing liquids to penetrate into the concrete matrix.

PROTECT N 5300 is solvent-free, lightfast, non-yellowing and resistant to UV-light and abrasion.


Depending on the surface structure and its absorbing abilities the necessary amount might vary between 100 – 120 g/m².

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