Concrete Colours, Slurry, Pigments
Concrete Colours, Slurry, Pigments

Ha-Be Color Titanweiss

White liquid colour acc. to EN 12878 for colouring or lightening concrete

Item No. F720


Ha-Be Color Titanweiss is a titanium-based pigment slurry and suitable for colouring cement and lime-bound construction materials white or for lightening grey concrete shades in order to generate a brighter and more aesthetic appearance.

The ready-to-use slurry tints the concrete structure homogeneously and allows an easy pigment distribution within the concrete mixture. This process provides an even and reproducible colour scheme with intense colour brilliance.

Ha-Be Color Titanweiss is especially used in the production of paving stones, palisades, noise protection walls, precast concrete parts and all other cement-bound construction elements.


Ha-Be Color Titanweiss is produced in a special dispersing process which provides an optimal pigment spread within the slurry and leads to a homogenous and intense concrete colouring. Ha-Be Color Titanweiss is weather-proof, UV-stable and widely resistant to chemical loads.


Recommended dosage 4 - 8 mass-% of the binder content.

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